National Transport Authority, Dublin

Country: Ireland

The National Transport Authority is responsible for public transport investment in the Greater Dublin Area. The “Integration, Sustainable Transport Measures & Support Sub-programme” facilitates investment in the various cycling/walking, bus, safety and traffic management projects throughout the region. The Authority has divided its Sustainable Transport Measures Grants into five broad subprogrammes. These are: 1. Cycling/Walking Programme, supporting physical improvements to tackle particular barriers to walking and cycling and to improve the walking and cycling environment; 2. Bus Network Programme, targeted at providing bus journey time savings, improvements to bus reliability throughout the whole bus network and passenger information/facilities; 3. Traffic Management Programme, targeted at appropriate schemes to improve the effectiveness of traffic movement in balance with other modes of transport; 4. Safety Programme, aimed at providing a safe travel environment for all road users, especially more vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists); and 5. Other Projects (signage schemes, traffic studies, Intelligent Transport Systems, Goods-focused projects, etc.).

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