EMPOWER ICT Tools are now ready to be used!

The EMPOWER End User Applications are operational and available via the app-stores for use by the Living Labs, Take-Up Cities, Follower Cities and other stakeholders.

Based on the EMPOWER Mobility Services Infrastructure (MSI), this open, flexible architecture can integrate the existing backend and frontend tiers of Commute Greener and Move Smarter, and now Zwitch, created specially for the EMPOWER project. It is also possible to connect the MSI to 3rd Party front-end solutions with some adaptation. These front-end solutions will form part of the EMPOWER toolkit, available in Summer 2017.

These three End User applications have the following capabilities:

Commute Greener is a free Facebook app for Desktop, iOS and Android running on the EMPOWER mobility services infrastructure and tapping into the Facebook community as potential users (with 1,5 billion active users in November 2015).

The general idea of Commute Greener is to enter your normal commuting pattern as a baseline and then to make improvements against it. The app can provide traffic information, public transport alternatives and suggest ride share partners. By changing behaviour the user:

  • gains incentive points
  • contributes to sponsored challenges
  • raises his/her social reputation by sharing with other users
  • becomes aware of the impact his/her improvements make (CO2 reduction and other indicators)

Commute Greener does not make use of automated tracking and improvements need to be manually reported by the user once they occur.

SMART (Self-Motivated And Rewarded Travelling) is a free App for iOS and Android phones. SMART helps users to travel smarter and be more environmentally aware, for example, by avoiding traffic jams or by choosing a different mode of transport. SMART focuses on optimising travel behaviour in a human-centred approach, targeted at commuters, city visitors, event visitors and shoppers.

SMART offers these groups:

  • Insight into personal travel behaviour
  • Personalised transport options
  • Support for ‘good’ travel decisions
  • Rewarding of ‘good’ behaviour

*Zwitch combines aspects of both Commute Greener and SMART and it has been designed as a lean scheme support tool that allows cities or organisations to set up their scheme and give their target group an app to report their travel behaviour against this scheme. It comprises of several building blocks:

  • Self-service Web front end for cities and organisations to set up their incentive schemes
  • App for users to report their travel behaviour against this scheme
  • Existing EMPOWER services infrastructure to compute travel behaviour
  • EMPOWER services infrastructure extension to administrate clients (cities or organisations) and their schemes

You can learn more here and if you are interested in becoming an EMPOWER Follower City, please contact us on info@empowerproject.eu

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