The EMPOWER Toolkit

EMPOWER is pleased to announce that the Toolkit is now live! Please visit to view the Toolkit.

The EMPOWER Toolkit will bring together the range of knowledge, expertise and learning from the project and can be used by all those involved in designing, implementing and delivering transport services to reduce the use of Conventionally Fuelled Vehicles (CFV). The Toolkit will be made up of four elements:

  • a database of positive incentives
  • mobility services to deliver incentives
  • organisational/business models
  • an enhanced evaluation method to enable cities to monitor the benefits and impacts of introducing positive incentives schemes.

The EMPOWER Toolkit will enable a wide set of cities and organisations to implement the EMPOWER concept and will be designed to be flexible for use in different cities and adaptable to local transport contexts. The content will come from the EMPOWER set of field trials, in-depth implementation from the four Living Lab Cities, interviews and experimental studies in real cities in order to generate new data by testing behaviour-change interventions and principles.

The database is intended to provide policy support for the improved design of transport related systems and initiatives and will contain evidence from individual traveller’s responses to a variety of incentives. As well as primary data from the testing, secondary data will be sourced from recent past research and from recent or on-going studies in cities and projects.