Stephanie Holzwarth


Stefanie Holzwarth is working as an Associate Human Settlements Officer in the Urban Mobility Unit at UN-Habitat, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Previously, she has worked  in Urban Development Projects in Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town, South Africa. In EMPOWER, Stefanie – being part of the UN-Habitat team – will participate in the project mainly with respect to the elements of Impact, External Case Studies and Dissemination.

Disregarding of the bike-unfriendliness of many big cities around the globe that she lived in, Stefanie has discovered her enthusiasm for cycling. Not only for commuting-to-office purposes – but also by joining Critical Mass Events to create awareness of the  cyclists’ rights to shared urban roads. If she is not working, you find her mountain biking  around Nairobi on the weekends.