City of Muenster

Country: Germany

Internationally regarded as a standard setter for cycling, Münster owns some 450km of cycle networks and the largest underground bike parking facility in Germany. It also has nearly 70 years of policy promotion. The Vision Zero programme, for instance, helps radically improved transport safety by bringing in a range of measures including wide cycle highways, cycle bridges and tunnels at intersections, lower car-speeds, higher visibility of cycle routes, more traffic monitoring and penalties. Besides cycling, bus transportation also forms an important part of the city’s environmental and climate protection – a concept that has been institutionalised since 1992. Aiming at reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent no later than 2020, the climate protection package encompasses the fields of building, power generation, renewable energy, electricity saving and traffic, and coordinates the work of different municipal offices. While businesses can obtain support in the business network “Münster Climate Alliance”; citizens are also encouraged to engage by committing themselves in the “Citizens pact”, a comprehensive public relations program run by the city government.

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