City of Bremen

Country: Germany

Bremen, a traditional harbor city in the North of Germany with an urban population of 550,000, serves as a showcase of synergies between the strategic areas of sustainable transport.  Bremen’s Car-Sharing Action Plan intends to quadruple the number of car-sharers by 2020 (from 2008) – achieving 20,000 active users and replacing 6,000 private cars. The current share of cycling, 25%, shall be increased to more than 30% by 2020. The City of Bremen’s long standing commitment for better mobility, together with its Action Plan for Air Quality Management, have already led to good results: about 60% of all journeys in the city centre are either made on foot, using a bicycle or by public transit. These environmentally friendly modes of transport are supported by the ‘car-on-call’ of the Bremen Car-Sharing operator.

Related Projects: The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Photo by Adelheid Smitt/Flickr