RISE Viktoria

RISE Viktoria is a non-profit research organization with the objective to develop new sustainable transportation solutions with private and public actors.

RISE Viktoria, a part of RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), was founded in 1997 by local industry in West Sweden. Viktoria conducts research and development in applied information technology in collaboration with the industry, the public sector and universities. Viktoria ensures that research results and IT applications are distributed rapidly, come to practical use and contribute to sustainable development of products, services, business and companies. Viktoria Swedish ICT is divided into 5 research areas Cooperative Systems, Digitalization Strategy, Electromobility, Sustainable Business, and Sustainable Transports. Viktoria’s contribution to EMPOWER will be carried out by the sustainable transports group, which has its research focus on modern traffic management solutions in all modes of transport (air, sea, ground), solutions for enhanced seamless mobility, the use of open and big data to improve the quality of service and information in public transport, and the use of amongst others gamification and nudging technologies to motivate behavioural change amongst travellers in a more sustainable direction.

Viktoria will be involved in all aspects of the project and will lead the activity Business models and Organisational Embedding.

For more information about Viktoria visit https://www.viktoria.se/

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