Universiteit Twente

The Centre of Transport Studies (CTS) is part of the department civil engineering and constructing sciences of the University of Twente.

Its staff have a diverse range of backgrounds in mathematics, geography, psychology, engineering and natural sciences, mixing methods and concepts from these different fields creates a dynamic environment where new ideas are developed. In addition to good connections with academic partners, CTS collaborates extensively with (local) authorities and private companies. CTS aims to introduce scientific results into practice. This is in line with the mission of the University of Twente to be the entrepreneurial university of the Netherlands.

CTS has developed a distinct profile in which there is a strong “connection” between humans and technology. This is described in the official mission statement of CTS. “The main objective of the research at the CTS is to improve transport systems to become more sustainable by connected mobility”. Focus lies on monitoring, analyses and optimization of transport networks and individual travel and driver behaviour. Individual behaviour is monitored and influenced using state of the art ICT.

As well as being involved in all aspects of the project CTS at the University of Twente will lead the activity Experimentation and Showcasing.

For more information about Twente and the Center for Transport Studies visit http://www.utwente.nl/ctw/vvr/

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