Gemeente Enschede

Enschede is a modern, vibrant university city of 160,000 inhabitants, located in the province of Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands.

Gemeente Enschede’s mobility plan focuses on managing mobility in order to create a shift from the private car to more sustainable modes of transport in order to reduce conventionally fuelled vehicle-milage. Based on the new 2013 cycling policy, investments in cycling are increasing. The network approach for cycling infrastructure (including the F35 cycling highway), improving bike parking facilities and behavioural campaigns focussing on cycling are just some of the ways this is being carried out. Gemeente Enschede has a track record for experimenting with different traffic signal related innovations.

Due to the interconnectivity between different intersections and the central data dashboard, the city of Enschede will form a Living Lab and already has experience of this having been a living lab in the SUNSET project, which aimed to persuade travellers to travel outside peak hours by offering personalised travel information and incentives. This is currently being continued within the SMART project. With the SMART application in place, there is a strong platform for the EMPOWER experimental work which makes Enschede an ideal setting for a Living Lab. An expansion of the outreach of SMART is being realised currently: both in a geographical sense as well as in integration with other (traffic related) projects.

Gemeente Enschede will not only be involved in all aspects of the project but will be leading activity Impact, External Case studies and Dissemination.

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