Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki (FV-Helsinki) is an innovation development, non-profit, enterprise owned and governed by the City of Helsinki.

Founded in 2006, FV-Helsinki has been established for the research and development of digital services utilizing user-driven innovation methods and public and private collaboration.

Current FV-Helsinki focus areas are on smart cities, open data and wellbeing services, playing a leading role in implementing Helsinki’s Smart and Open City strategy.

FV-Helsinki is a member of the European Business Incubator Network EBN, member of the EIT ICT Labs, and a founding member of the 300-member-strong European Network of Living Labs ENoLL.

FV-Helsinki also has strong expertise in Open Data; in 2013 the Helsinki Region Infoshare open data clearing house, managed by FV-Helsinki, won the European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration.

As a member of the City of Helsinki Group, FV-Helsinki is also representing Helsinki’s City Planning Department, which manages all traffic planning functions including all modes of transportation: public transport, vehicular traffic, parking, as well as cycling and pedestrian networks. In Helsinki’s planning one of the top priorities is to promote the fluency and service level of mobility as a whole. Recently an effort has been put into investigating ‘Mobility as a Service’ concept from city’s perspective, presenting it together with the Finnish Ministry of Transportation as the key theme in future transport policy at the ITS Europe Congress in June 2014, and creating notably extensive international media coverage of city’s plans to go ahead with the concept.

FV Helsinki will be involved in all aspects of the project and will play a key role in the Helsinki Living Lab.

For more information about FV-Helsinki please visit

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