EMPOWER is pleased to announce that Urban Foresight won a competition to join EMPOWER as a Living Lab. Urban Foresight is a strategy and innovation consultancy focused on the smart and sustainable transformation of cities. Through research, strategy and projects, Urban Foresight helps to develop and deploy innovative solutions for cities and businesses around the world.

EMPOWER will be working with Urban Foresight to increase the levels of uptake of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) across Scotland. The Scottish Government is committed to increasing the levels of uptake of ULEVs in order to help combat climate change and air pollution. The 2013 Switched on Scotland Roadmap has led to the development of the Switched on @ Work programme which forms the basis of this Living Lab. The Roadmap set out a comprehensive strategy and a suite of actions to realise the ambitious vision of freeing Scotland’s towns, cities and communities from the damaging emissions of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2050.

Implementation of EMPOWER will consider the following actions:

• To recruit partner organisations from across Scotland and work with them and their employees to consider opportunities to adopt ULEVs instead of CFVs

• To engage with and sign up employers throughout Scotland to promote the benefits and encourage the adoption of ULEVs by their employees

• To offer personalised travel advice to all employees

• To encourage the uptake of ULEVs via offering grants for a purchase of ULEVs (General UK wide incentive scheme) or interest free loans for purchase of ULEVs.

“This project will provide fully funded support to public and private sector organisations across Scotland and will engage up to 40,000 employees” said Andrew Willis, Head of Projects at Urban Foresight. “Each engagement will be tailored to the unique requirements of the organisation, be delivered by Energy Saving Trust’s expert advisors and benefit from the wider toolkit being developed in the EMPOWER project.” Any organisations that would be interested to receive this support should contact:
Andrew Willis at or Energy Saving Trust at


Image: Edinburgh 2017 by samchills/Flickr

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