Milton Keynes

EMPOWER is delighted to announce that Milton Keynes will be joining the project as the final Living Lab. Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing areas in the UK with a predicted population growth of 37,520 residents (27%) in the next 15-20 years.

Car ownership is high with a large number of trips made by single occupancy conventionally fuelled vehicles (CFV) cars. Milton Keynes has a level of cycling infrastructure which is unrivalled in the UK and matches that of many of the top cycling cities in the world. However, over 200 miles of segregated cycling and walking routes known as ‘Redways’ are underutilised with the 2011 Census showing the percentage of journeys to work on foot is below the national average and by bicycle had dropped to the national average of 2.8%.

The city has an extensive bus route network and recent funding to add to the existing fully electric bus route – Route no. 7 run by Arriva – but only 7% of journeys to work are by public transport and the public transport system is considered ineffective and poor quality.

As an EMPOWER Living Lab, Milton Keynes will undertake a number of actions to help reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles. These include promoting a mode shift to public transport through increased usage of Bus Route 7, and promoting a mode shift to cycling through the Love to Ride programme.

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