Greater Manchester is a large and complex urban area covering some 500 square miles and has around 2.5 million residents. The city is also home to one of the largest student populations in Europe and as a result, there are strong daily traffic flows into the centre, second only to those in London.

The University of Leeds working closely with two key partners, will employ social innovation schemes as part of a range of positive incentives to encourage behavioural changes away from the car to an increase in bike and bus use. First Group runs a fleet of over 600 buses and is actively working on a ‘Smart City’ agenda operating a smart card travel scheme and offering a downloadable app for journey planning. Transport for Greater Manchester implements transport policy covering all modes of travel, as well as other issues which affect people’s travel choices – fares, ticketing, passenger information, accessibility and safety.

Implementation of EMPOWER will consider the following actions:

  • to incentivise people to use public transport when attending large scale public events and concerts at two of the city’s major venues ‘A night on the town’
  • to encourage commuters living in the south of the city to use public transport to get to work and to shift their travelling time away from peak hours
  • to work with major employers on their corporate transport schemes to encourage employeers to use public transport more and reduce their conventionally fuelled vehicle travel use.
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