Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and has transformed itself from an industrial fishing and ship building town to an innovative modern city ranked as the 12th-most inventive city in the world by Forbes. Entirely new districts have been constructed around the old shipyards and the area around Frihamnen (the old Freeport) will become a whole new neighborhood for at least 15,000 inhabitants.

The Göteborg Regional Association of Local Authorities spearheads the Sustainable Transit Connected Communities initiative that comprises activities and projects to design, test and deliver efficient and attractive sustainable transport alternatives to citizens, that supports them in making smart transport choices in their everyday lives.

Implementation of EMPOWER will consider the following actions:

  • working with partner Jutabo AB, a property developer in Lerum, tenants will have access to electric bicycles within their apartment rental agreement. The objective is to stimulate them into making use of a new park&ride concept, parking their car and using the electric bicycle within a connected community that is combined with public transport for travel into Gothenburg city centre
  • again in Lerum working with partner Bzzt AB ( will test an on-demand offer of electric vehicles for transporting goods and parcels and to be rewarded for doing so. Rewards will accumulate and possibly be exchanged for other smart mobility services (free rides or discounts at the local grocery store)
  • to engage with large employers to offer their staff an alternative commute to work campaign, based on benefits of reduced costs, better health, wealth and environmental contributions.
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