Enschede is a city of 160,000 inhabitants located in the east of the Netherlands within the region of Twente. Formerly a centre of textile production, it is now part of the high tech knowledge region with a concentration of ground breaking companies specialising in systems and materials, with many excellent partnerships and spin-offs between education and research institutions and local companies.

Enschede’s mobility management plan focusses on creating a modal shift from the private car to more sustainable modes of transport with currently 3% public transport, 42% cyclists and 55% private motor vehicle use in the city. The principle partner is Twente Mobiel who promote health and flexible working, whilst also reducing costs by influencing the travel behaviour of people. The core of current mobility measures is the bicycle plan and as part of the program Beter Benutten 2, the city of Enschede will build some extra bicycle routes, finish the network of dedicated bus lanes and will develop several campaigns to promote cycling.

Implementation of EMPOWER will consider the following actions:

  • use SMART to stimulate people to cycle, offering reward points for cycle trips and focussing on regular non-bicycle users. In addition to the existing SMART tool, personalised messages will congratulate people on the number of bicycle journeys they have made and the time savings they have achieved
  • use social media in combination with these personal messages and achievements so that users can challenge work colleagues and friends, organise a group and start a competition
  • organise a buddy scheme for the elderly so they can find somebody to travel with on passenger transport.
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