“Unlocking Urban Mobility Behaviour Change” Conference



The “Unlocking Urban Mobility Behaviour Change” Conference, will take place on Thursday February 18, 2016 12:00pm – 6:30pm, at the Palace Royale, Brussels, Belgium.

The event will bring you results and insights drawn from three European co-funded projects on sustainable mobility with the aim to share knowledge with European cities on:

  • Promoting sustainable mobility among employees through gamification;
  • Embedding cycling culture in schools through accreditation and peer-to-peer methods;
  • Delivering personalised travel advice.

Conference Programme

The MOBI, STARS and PTP-CYCLE projects all share the common theme of sustainable mobility behaviour change. Whilst target audiences and approaches have been different, they have realised a shift in attitude or behaviour in workplaces, schools, universities, households and at public events: increasing cycling, walking and public transport and reducing single occupancy car use.

This event will impart nearly three years of learning and results, key success factors, policy recommendations and all the practical examples and guidance documents needed to bost behaviour change programmes in cities.

Who should attend?

Municipalities, schools, universities, workplaces, chambers of commerce, mobility NGOs, consultancies, planners, IT developers, advocacy groups and the general public are invited to attend this free event in the heart of Europe.

Find out more information here.

CIVITAS Training Influencing Mobility Behaviour through Gamification, will be taking place directly before the conference, from 9:30am to 12pm.


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