EMPOWER presents at CIVITAS FORUM 2017



EMPOWER will be presenting various sessions at the upcoming CIVITAS Forum 2017 in Torres Vedras, Portugal.

Prof. Susan Grant-Muller, Kain Glensor and Marcel Meeuwissen will present the session B2 ‘Knowledge and tools to reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles and to stimulate active mobility’ on 27th September. This activity will give participants an insight into ways to reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles by stimulating sustainable travel and active mobility. It will also explore how to enthuse and reward travellers, and measure their travel behaviour using data. The presentations are based on the experiences of a wide variety of cities and organisations throughout Europe, and draw on large scale implementations carried out. Cities, regions or provinces, public transport authorities and operators, or indeed anyone interested in rewarding change, are more than welcome to attend.

Marco Amadori & Giuseppe Liguori, from our Take Up-City in Bologna, will also be speaking at the Big cities, Big ideas session on 27th September at 16:45 – 18:00.

EMPOWER will also be taking part in deployment day activities on 28th September. This includes: Decision making in the digital age: The role of data in transport policies and decisions for non-motorised modes. EMPOWER will be joining forces with two other H2020 projects, FLOW and TRACE, to present three different perspectives on reducing urban congestion in European cities by increasing walking and cycling and making cities more liveable. The three projects will have a stand for the duration of the Forum and offer activities, demonstrations, and displays addressing various aspects of the topic of data and its link to walking and cycling. EMPOWER will be providing live demonstrations of the toolkit at 13:30 and 16:30 on the deployment day of the conference.

This year’s CIVITAS FORUM Conference will take place on 27-29 September 2017 in Torres Vedras, Portugal. The annual event brings together the CIVITAS community from across Europe: hundreds of mobility experts, actors and stakeholders, all of whom are devoted to the development of sustainable urban mobility in their cities. The 15th edition of the CIVITAS Forum Conference will continue the tradition of offering state-of-the-art presentations, interactive workshops and sessions, interesting site visits, not to mention new innovative elements in the programme.

For further details, please visit: http://civitas.eu/document/civitas-forum-2017-draft-programme

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