*zwitch: a free offer to support mobility campaigns

If you work with a city or organisation promoting sustainable transport, *zwitch has announced a limited free offer to support mobility campaigns. *zwitch will be able to support and enhance mobility campaigns with a free smart app, marketing assistance and support.

*zwitch is part of the EMPOWER project, and allows cities and organisations to promote campaigns or services that motivate citizens to use smarter modes of transport for their daily trips.

This ‘how to’ guide for cities and stakeholders provides a brief overview of *zwitch and how it can enhance cities and stakeholders mobility campaigns. *zwitch is offering cities and stakeholders a smart app, marketing, support and other valuable actions.
Further details can also be found on the *zwitch website: www.zwitch.eu
It is easy, fast and you may start-up once you are ready. However, this is a limited offer so contact *zwitch now if you are interested in using *zwitch as part of your mobility campaign. *zwitch is an initiative of the EMPOWER project (empowerproject.eu) and you can reach *zwitch at  support@zwitch.eu

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