EMPOWER launches Vlog Competition

Have you got the EMPOWER??
Do you have an interest in promoting a switch to more sustainable transport?
Are you a vlogger who is creative and passionate about communication?
Would you like to win up to €250 in Amazon or holiday vouchers?
Entry deadline: 10th April 2018 

We are looking for exciting and innovative vlogs that will engage a wide ranging audience, which capture the essence of positive incentives for reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles.

Forms of incentivisation may be (though are not restricted to):

  1. Information provision
  2. Awards/discounts/prizes
  3. Community support
  4. Gaming

This can be related to any dimension of reduction, such as:

  1. Reducing car dependency or the need to travel
  2. Switching to the use of public transport instead of using private, regular-fuelled vehicles
  3. Encouraging active travel (eg walking and cycling)
  4. Celebrating alternatively fuelled vehicles (eg electric, hydrogen)

Topics to consider include:

  • What is positive incentivisation / nudge theory?
  • Why is positive incentivisation appropriate for reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles?
  • How has positive incentivisation been used in the past?
    • Where has it worked and why?
    • What have been the challenges to it’s success?
    • What are the best examples and worst examples?
    • Are successful examples transferable between cities/regions?
    • Are there case studies outside of transport that could be used?
  • What current/ future opportunities are there for positive incentivisation?
    • New technologies
    • Behavioural and attitudinal change
    • Political and social engagement
    • Equity and sustainability agendas
  • Why use positive incentivisation as opposed to other forms of incentivisation (eg fiscal, regulatory)
  • What other advantages / disadvantages could there be of the introduction and success of positive incentivise for the reduction of conventionally fuelled vehicles?
    • Socio-economic equity / ethical issues
    • Environmental and sustainability impact
    • Economic implications


  1. Produce a vlog that captures your thoughts on the use and/ or future of positive incentives for the reduction in use of conventionally fuelled vehicles. This could take any format – eg straight-to-camera talking, animation, interviews, voice/text-overs, or a series of still images.
  2. Entries may be submitted by an individual or a group, but only one prize is given to the entry. There should be one main contact for entry and it is their responsibility to ensure the full agreement of all named parties on the entry. The prize will be awarded to the main contact and it is their responsibility to share it with other group members.
  3. The vlog should be no more than 60 seconds long, and submitted as an .mp4 (max size 1GB) via WeTransfer.com (or similar) to Vlog.Empower@gmail.com
  4. Also provide via WeTransfer (or similar) a document including the full name, country of residence and e-mail address of the entrant(s) (only main contact e-mail address if a group) and short personal statement (<500 words) that explains your concept and your passion for positive incentivisation and reducing conventionally fuelled vehicles. Though it is the vlog that will be judged, the statement will assist judges in the shortlisting and final decision on the winning entry.
  5. The prizes are as follows:
    • One overall winners prize of: €250 of Amazon / Lastminute.com vouchers
    • Two ‘runners up’ prizes of €100 of Amazon / Lastminute.com vouchers
    • All other shortlisted entries will receive €15 of Amazon vouchers
    • All shortlisted entries will receive an e-certificate of their achievement
  6. The prizes will be awarded as Amazon / Lastminute.com vouchers from the chosen EU Amazon or lastminute.com vendor of the winner(s) choice (AT, DE, FR, IT, UK). No alternative (cash or otherwise) is available.
  7. The vlog will be judged on:
    • Concept – Innovation, Inclusivity, Impact
    • Creativity – Entertaining, Appealing, Unique
    • Communication – Clear, Engaging, Accessible
  8. Incentives should be relevant to EMPOWER partner countries – EU/EEA, Switzerland and EU candidate / potential candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, fYRoM, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey)
  9. All entries must be submitted in English.
  10. The main contact for the entry must be over 18. Other than this anyone can enter – no restrictions on age for other group members, country of residence/origin or experience. These will be in no way taken into account when judging.
  11. There is no cost to enter and no costs incurred in the making of the vlog can be claimed.
  12. The deadline for submission is 23:59 April 10th
  13. Judging will take place between April 11th and 15th
  14. Shortlisted entries will be announced on April 15th and the winner(s) will be announced at the EMPOWER final event as part of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018 in Vienna, Austria (April 16-19 2018). If Winners are not present at the TRA, they will be invited to take part in post-event publicity (e.g. an on-line acceptance video). Attendance at TRA and/or participation in post-event publicity are not a requirement of entry to the competition. Entrants are welcome to attend the event in person but travel, accommodation and TRA entry costs will not be covered.
  15. If you have any other queries concerning this competition please contact Vlog.Empower@gmail.com
  16. For more information on the wider EMPOWER project please visit www.empowerproject.eu


  1. The vlogs will be judged by a panel of judges comprising leading partners of the EMPOWER project. These judges are from a wide mix of disciplines and EU countries including:
    • University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies, UK
    • TNO, Netherlands
    • Wuppertal Institute, Germany
    • Rise Viktoria, Sweden
  2. The judging process will comprise of three stages:
    • 2nd – 8th April: All judges to review all entries and carry out independent scoring
    • 9th April: Judges submit scoring for collation of scores and create shortlist
    • 10th – 13th April: Judges meet to make final decision.
  3. In the event of more entries than anticipated, further judges will be recruited from the EMPOWER project partners. In this case it cannot be guaranteed that all judges will view all entries, though all entries will be viewed by the same number of judges.
  4. The entries will be shortlisted by each judge using the following criteria:


  • Are positive incentives presented?
  • Will they reduce conventionally fuelled vehicles?
  • How effective and inclusive could the incentives be in reducing conventionally fuelled vehicles?
  • How innovative/unique is the offered concept/viewpoint?
  • How critical is the concept/viewpoint?


  • Is the concept presented in a creative/original way?
  • Is the vlog entertaining?
  • Would the vlog appeal to a wide range of people?
  • Are music and images used appropriately?
  • Is the presentation/design appropriate for the message/concept?


  • Is the concept/viewpoint clear in the vlog?
  • Is the vlog accessible to a wide range of people (eg regardless of age, disabilities, language)?
  • Are facts/data substantiated adequately?
  • Is the vlog within the time limit?
  • Is the vlog engaging?
  1. Entries will be shortlisted based on these scores across all judges to a maximum of 10 entries.
  2. Entrants will be informed by email by 15th April 2018 if they have been shortlisted.
  3. Shortlisted entries will be discussed by the judges. Shortlisted scores, personal statement and qualitative observations will be taken into account to decide the winning entry(ies)
  4. In the event of a tie for any place which the judges cannot agree, prize funds may be split in keeping with the proportioned allocations.
  5. The judges’ decision is final, as per the judging criteria set out above. The awarded scores and judges’ comments can be made available by request in the event of a grievance.


    1. Between the time of submission and announcement of shortlisted entries, all entries will be subject to an embargo in that the entrant may not share or distribute the vlog.
    2. All shortlisted entries will become the property of the EMPOWER project, with the right to use, reproduce, re-edit, distribute, perform, and/or display the entrant’s vlog without further compensation or notification to the entrant for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes on their website, at conferences, or at any other venues.
    3. As such, the entrant(s) agree on entry that they relinquish all intellectual property of the vlog and it’s content and have obtained permission to use any images and persons featured in their vlog, as well as confirming that the work is their own, and that the main contact is over 18. It is the entrants obligation to ensure that all such rights are cleared for EMPOWER ownership.
    4. The entrant(s) retain(s) their attributable and moral rights and will be recognised as a contributor on any relevant material, consulted on reformatting/editing of the vlog and may be allowed to distribute their vlog with permission and appropriate recognition of EMPOWER.
    1. The vlog must have been produced specifically for this competition. The entry (and associated material), should not have been distributed or published in any other form or submitted to any other competition.
    2. Any entries not shortlisted remain the property of the entrant to use as they wish.
  3. USE:
    1. All shortlisted entries will be played on loop at the EMPOWER final event at TRA and may be used in the final event, for example, in panel discussion.
    2. All shortlisted entries may be used in promotional material, such as on youtube, the EMPOWER website, events and future associated projects.
    3. All shortlisted entries will be edited to include attributed author(s) and the EMPOWER logo. EMPOWER may further edit or reformat the vlog in consultation with the author.
    1. The shortlisted entries will be subject to Copyright laws applicable to English law and the jurisdiction of English Courts.
    2. Entrants must have obtained permission to use any images and persons featured in their vlog, as well confirming that the work is their own. Full reference must be provided for any data/information cited within the video to avoid plagerisation.
    3. Content must comprise of appropriate content and comply with EU regulations and national laws of the country of origin. It must not:
      1. Promote illegal behaviour
      2. Support prejudice or discrimination on any grounds (eg race, religion, gender, sexuality)
      3. Include sexualised imagery (ie all human subjects must be fully clothed) or violence (physical, mental or emotional) or advocate sexual or violent exploitation in any way
      4. Violate any established rights
      5. Invade privacy of any individuals
      6. Include any marketing or promotional materials for brands or activities outside the scope of the competition
  • Any entry deemed to violate the above will be disqualified. If any illegal acts are thought to have been carried out within the entry video they may be reported to appropriate authorities.
    1. Personal contact details of all entrants will be held until the end of June 2018
    2. Personal contact details of shortlisted entrants will be held until the end of April 2019
    3. It is recommended that the entrant keep a copy of their own vlog. The EMPOWER project cannot guarantee that every entry will be saved in perpetuity, or be recoverable on request.
    4. All entries will be saved on an institutional server at the University of Leeds, UK, as well as copies with the partner organisations involved in the judging and use for promotional purposes. They may be freely distributed by the EMPOWER project partners, but only used for the purpose of promoting EMPOWER project and future related projects.

By entering this contest the entrant(s) agree to these rules, terms and conditions and abide by the decision of the judges.







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