The story of the EMPOWER Logo

Our Logo was designed by Digitronix, inspired by a winning entry from University of Leeds Design Student, Kitty Hudson, to a student competition to find a Logo. Here is the story of the EMPOWER logo:

‘The inspiration behind the logo is based around the key themes of connectivity, unity and technology. The stripes used across the globe in the logo represent the transport routes taken by drivers, and the overlap in these routes show the potential for sharing and self organised trips. The logo as a whole represents how EMPOWER are approaching the problem of the overuse of conventionally fuelled vehicles with a solution that is inspired by unity and togetherness. A modern and digital design style was chosen to reflect the digital technology used to make this research project a possibility. Bright colours were chosen to show the positive incentive behind the project, and to allow the logo to be as eye-catching as possible’.


The original image designed by Kitty Hudson and the logo by Digitronix.

Kitty Hudson is a passionate and enthusiastic junior artworker and freelance designer, having recently graduated from The University of Leeds with a degree in Graphic and Communication Design (ind) and a years experience at Disney Interactive UK.

The second finalist was Elisabeth Walton, also from the School of Design at the University of Leeds.

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