Res Smart launches in Gothenburg and Stockholm!

SMART have just launched their new campaign: #ResSmart. As part of Res Smart, Gothenburg and Stockholm are competing to the “the most sustainable transport city”. Residents from each city can choose sustainable modes of travel such as cycling, walking, or public transport, instead of taking their private car. The competition takes place via the SMART app. Participants earn points for each such sustainable choice, and the point and trips are recognized on our Digital Leaderboard. Every month, the top three participants who have earned the most sustainable points will earn prizes, like a Fitbit or a GoPro!

The results will be tracked on the SMARTiSverige website, and the contest will run until the end of June.

In addition to the monthly prizes, users’ travel can unlock weekly Personal Challenges, complete with personalised prizes that motivate them to choose climate-friendly transport.

SMART are working in partnership with the Swedish Insurance company Länsförsäkringar as they are committed to societal sustainability and personal health. “We will be more proactive in our efforts to reduce emissions, we get fewer traffic injuries and participants receive better health,” says their innovation manager, Niklas Huss.


  • The initiative is part of the EU project, EMPOWER in Sweden led by RISE Victoria, with partial funding from the state innovation agency Vinnova.
  • Länsförsäkringar AB sets up marketing and communication. Länsförsäkringar Stockholm, Gothenburg and Bohus will promote the campaign through their channels and contribute to rewards.

How do I participate?

If you are in Gothenburg or Stockholm you can download the app Smart Sweden in the App Store or Google Play. You can then track your and your city’s success stories here!

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