The new EMPOWER toolkit has launched!

We are pleased to announce that the EMPOWER toolkit has launched with new resources and outputs from the project. The toolkit brings together the range of knowledge, expertise and learning from the project as it provides practical guidelines, case studies and tools that can be used by a range of transport sector stakeholders to design and implement conventionally fuelled vehicle reduction initiatives at multiple levels.

The toolkit features a section on ethical guidance for new and emerging forms of data. This includes an example of ‘new and emerging data’ demonstrating tracking, alongside the downloadable ethics eBook. The ethics eBook is designed to help you consider the ethical challenges arising with data sets, how you can hold data with consent and how you can apply the fundamental provisions of the EU Data Protection Directive and work within the legislation. It will also help you consider how can could apply safeguards to the data such as anonymisation techniques and methods to protect the data.

The toolkit now features a series of guidance notes. The series of guidance notes represent best practice learned throughout the duration of the EMPOWER project and cover a variety of subjects such as marketing tips, designing positive incentives, ICT tool selection, evaluation and more. The guidance notes reflect a wide range of expertise with inputs from TNO, Wuppertal Institute, the University of Leeds, University of Twente, Pocketweb, and FV Helsinki.

A further new addition includes the EMPOWER knowledge base which is split into two components: the evidence database and EMPOWER data. The evidence database facilitates wide scale uptake of the evidence-based knowledge concerning the design and implementation of positive incentives schemes for transport choices. It provides access to evidence data and information stored at three levels: 1. Data and information stored in external database or website, 2. Summary data about positive incentives and 3. Semi-processed data that can be explored by an interactive dashboard. The EMPOWER data section gives insight in the richness of the data we have gathered. There is a downloadable excerpt of track-and-trace data, in-depth insights based on this data data, a synthetic data set to be used freely for all as well as two open API’s from the Commute Greener app which can be used freely.

The toolkit can be accessed online at

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