EMPOWER vlog competition: winner revealed

The EMPOWER project recently launched a vlog competition to find exciting and innovative vlogs which capture the essence of positive incentives for reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles.

WINNER: Electric Scooters by Lucy Johnson

We are delighted to announce the winner of the vlog competition is Lucy Johnson. Lucy’s concept for the EMPOWER vlog competition proposes rent-able electric scooters, and her video was showcased at the TRA conference in Vienna, Austria. The scooter stations would be placed in urban areas; including city centers, business parks and universities. The scooters would be rented in similar manner to rented bikes, with a mobile app and machines for card payments – making renting a scooter a quick and easy experience. The scooters would use electrical energy to power them and can be used up hills – something which people often struggle with bikes. They are also accessible to more users, compared to bikes, as people of all heights and capabilities can use them. Additionally, people with joint problems will also be able to use the scooters. Pricing of low-mid range electric scooters is between £50-£400, making it a more feasible option in comparison to bikes. The weight of the scooter is also much lighter than a bike, this means consumers can take the scooter around smaller streets and up staircases. Furthermore, by making transport in urban areas simpler and faster, people will be more likely to leave their cars at home and choose more sustainable transport – electric scooters.

You can watch Lucy’s video below.


JOINT SECOND PLACE: Robert White and Abigail Smith

Joint runner up, Robert White, produced a video titled ‘Transport: a nudge in the right direction’.  An introduction to the idea of social nudging along with a simple definition is presented in this video. The main example of social nudging explored is the social proof where examples, such as celebrities, are used to convey how people might be influenced. The video ends with an overview of the various types of nudging techniques available. The objective of this video is to inform a wide audience about social nudging. Using celebrities is one of the simplest ways to nudge as they are highly influential. Several celebrities like to ride bicycles, drive electric cars and champion renewable energy causes but the association with using them for commuting, daily life or for work is not widely conceptualised. As our social circles appear to expand due to the availability of information and the internet, the influence of our peers on our behaviours and feelings are sure to grow.

Robert’s video can be viewed below.


Second joint runner, Abigail Smith, presented a C-More Cycle App teaser-trailer. Cycling has become increasingly popular, with more and more cities becoming increasingly cycle-friendly. Abigail was inspired for her entry after being granted membership to over 170 national nature reserves after signing up to donate to RSPB. The C-More Cycle App works on a level-based point system dependent on the amount you cycle. The app aims to gamify cycling – with users gaining levels as they cycle and earning rewards at certain milestones. The app would connect friends via social media and encourage them to challenge each other and themselves to unlock the next levels. One of the most rewarding aspects to cycling is experiencing nature; the C- More App encompasses cyclist passions as well as encouraging others to try cycling to gain the membership rewards.

Abigail’s video can be viewed below.

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