Take Up City Competition now closed

The TAKE-UP CITY webinar (held on 26 November 2015),  is now available to view, here

and our updated FAQs version 3 (updated 07.12.15)  are also available EMPOWER TUC Competition FAQ No 3

The competition to recruit EMPOWER Take-Up Cities, Communities and Corporate entities has now closed.

EMPOWER will be working with cities, communities and other corporate entities to both develop new incentives and test the EMPOWER Toolkit from a Rewarding Change standpoint.

In order to deliver our ambitious roll-out plans, the EMPOWER project wishes to recruit seven Take-Up Cities and Communities to provide further large scale real-life implementations. Working with EMPOWER, a Take-Up City or Community will receive

  • a list of positive incentives that have been trialled in the EMPOWER Living Lab cities and have demonstrated a change in traveller behaviour with the aim of reducing the use of CFV
  • ICT based mobility services to deliver incentives
  • organisational business models for the use of positive incentives
  • an enhanced evaluation method, so that it is possible to monitor the benefits and impacts of introducing positive incentives schemes to reduce CFV

We are now running an open competition to recruit seven city authorities, community authorities, corporate or social organisations who have responsibility for organising or delivering transport services. You might be a transport authority or agency, an NGO working in a public service environment or a transnational transport provider (road or rail). You must demonstrate a concrete commitment to, or have already started, schemes to reduce CFV.

Parties with registered offices within the EU27 and countries within the European Research Area are eligible (EU27, Croatia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, FYROM, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Albania, Moldova).

Closing date for applications is noon CET, 7 December 2015 and implementation will start in Autumn 2016. The EMPOWER partners will work with you, offering training and collaborating on the provision of mobility services, as needed to meet your local city context. It is expected that the data arising from the Take-Up City implementations will be fed back into the EMPOWER toolkit.


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