Competition underway to find the final EMPOWER Living Lab

In order to deliver ambitious roll-out plans for international ‘Living Labs’, the EU EMPOWER project has launched a competition to find a final UK based Living Lab (large scale real-life implementation of positive incentives to reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles).

EMPOWER is now inviting proposals from any City authority, community authority or Corporate organisation to provide a Living Lab Demonstration, with a deadline of 3rd March 2017 for applications.

EMPOWER is about the use of positive incentives such as information, points, discounts, rewards, community support and games, rather than charging, pricing, rationing, restrictions and regulation. Smart devices (phones and tablets) will allow two-way information flow between the travelling public and transport authorities, including the ability to offer tailored incentives relevant to the individuals travel patterns.

The UK Living Lab stakeholders will develop and deliver the actual implementation with the help of funding from the EMPOWER budget of up to £80k, and support from the EMPOWER consortium in areas such as evaluation methods, business models and design of incentives schemes.  The EMPOWER ICT tools will also be available for use in the Living Lab (see

We expect the UK Living Lab to be ambitious in scale and in line with a real-life implementation rather than a research study, involving circa 40,000 participants each. The Living Lab should take place from 1st May 2017 and end with final delivery on 31st January 2018.  Contact Professor Susan Grant-Muller: for further information about the competition and the EMPOWER project.

Further Competition information

The competition is now open. The closing date is 17:00 (CET) 3rd March 2017.

Any City authority, community authority or Corporate organisation with responsibility for organising or delivering transport services can apply to be an EMPOWER Living Lab. Examples include (but are not limited to) public transport authorities or agencies, NGOs working in a public service environment, transnational transport providers (e.g. road or rail) are also eligible. Whilst there is no country restriction on applicants, consideration will be given to the UK context of the Living Lab.

Using the application form, applicants should submit a detailed case for the application of EMPOWER positive incentives schemes in their city, region or area of operation.

The form must include a scanned copy of at least one Letter of Support signed by a senior local political representative/policy maker. Where the plan involves incentive provider(s) outside the Living Lab lead organisation, the application must also include a copy of at least one letter of support or commitment by a supplier of positive incentives. Other letters of support may also be included.

Please note: this application form is only eligible when accompanied by a Letter of Support signed by a senior local political representative.

We encourage those interested in this invitation to send questions to Professor Susan Grant-Muller:

About the EMPOWER concept

The EMPOWER project is about rewarding change. We are driving research and innovation on how positive incentives can encourage citizens to reconsider their travel choices and reduce the extent to which they travel using conventionally fuelled vehicles (CFV). Rewarding change also means rewarding a shift to travelling in off-peak hours, sharing, and schemes to help people avoid travelling altogether.

The EMPOWER ICT services are being developed using a variety of app-based solutions from Mobidot and Pocketweb, such as Move Smarter, Commute Greener, and more to operate on Smart devices.

The EMPOWER concept and mobility services are being trialled in large scale ‘Living Labs’ involving members of the public in the cities of Enschede (Netherlands), Gothenburg (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland) and in the UK. In addition, Take-Up Cities are rolling out the Living Lab concepts in Milan, Odense, Budapest, Reading, Newcastle, Antwerp and Bologna.

The Living Labs have already started work and the EMPOWER ICT services are mature.


The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Unions’ Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 636249.


Second Photo by Ulf Bodin/Flickr.



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