Mobility Services Infrastructure

Lead Partner: IMTECH Traffic and Infra BV

The innovative mobility services offered within EMPOWER will take a traveller-centric approach to deliver positive policy measures to encourage the reduction of CFV use in cities. Individual travel behaviour will be measured using internet enabled communication technologies via Smartphone (GPS) sensors, map routing, social network, gamification, data analytics and cloud hosting technology.

Building on the technical and social policy requirements within the project, personal, mobile ICT services (apps) that utilise mechanisms to distribute personalised incentives will encourage individual positive behavioural change and travel decision support for everyday travel. These new mobility services will be based on a ‘software-as-a-service’ model and delivered by means of a combined backend (common data) and frontend (smartphone apps) service infrastructure contained within the EMPOWER toolkit.

Tested within the Living Lab Cities, these incentive management services will provide urban stakeholders like cities, transport and 3rd party service providers, large employers and local shopkeepers with new tools to enable mobility monitoring (floating people data) and to stimulate and achieve sustainable travel behaviour towards their target groups.

The Mobility Services Infrastructure documentation describes the basic functionality of the infrastructure as well as the mobile ICT services used by extensive reuse and interface combinations, including applications such as SMART and CommuteGreener.  Augmented by End-user Application documentation, the key features will be described in greater detail including local conditions of Living Labs, target groups and case studies. The final output, Operational Management Services document and Test results provides an overview and describes the management, maintenance and support procedures provided. It includes test results from functional verification.


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