Impact, External Case studies and Dissemination

Lead Partner: Gemeente Enschede

EMPOWER seeks to substantially reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles (CFV) in cities by influencing the mobility behaviour of CFV drivers towards fundamental change. The set of tools created to achieve this will be available for industry, policy makers and employers to help them choose and successfully implement ‘positive’ evidence-based and cost-effective policy interventions.

The five main innovation outputs from the project are:

  1. new EMPOWER mobility services to provide innovative positive policy measures including empowering people by combining a top-down bottom-up approach
  2. the EMPOWER Toolkit to support industry, policy makers and employers to understand, help choose and implement positive policy interventions and be self-supporting beyond the project
  3. evidence of the impact of new positive incentives on behaviours related to CVF use
  4. new and improved organisational models for successful implementation of positive policy measures
  5. innovation in the evaluation method for new mobility services, particularly in evaluating positive policy measures and including impacts arising from individual behavioural responses or from participation in social media networks.

Seven Take-Up Cities and Communities have been selected through an open competition process. Please find out further details by visiting the Take-Up City page. Take Up Cities experiences: a roadmap for active take-up of implementations will be produced at the end of the project, alongside the EMPOWER Final Dissemination Report in April 2018.

Follower Cities are encouraged to sign up to the EMPOWER project and keep abreast of the activities, stories and developments as the project progresses.

The EMPOWER project partners will be presenting conference papers, workshops and information sessions, found on the events part of this website.

The EMPOWER toolkit will be launched in May 2017 offering new mobility services to provide innovative positive policy measures, new evidence on behavioural responses and impacts from positive incentives, improved organisational models for successful implementation of positive policy measures and innovation in the evaluation methodology for new mobility services.

The EMPOWER dissemination plan brings together specialist expertise from city and policy network stakeholder partners and supporting organisations such as EMBARQ, UN-HABITAT, SLocAT and CIVITAS.



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