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The Empower project recognises that the project will raise some ethical issues in the areas of “informed consent” and “privacy”. The Empower project considers ethical conduct to be a key guiding principle in the work we do. Asking people to be users of new technology will involve gathering privacy sensitive information through their mobile devices.

To address these issues, the EMPOWER project and its partners will adhere strictly to the principles of ethical conduct for research as laid out by the relevant Universities, the European Convention of Human Rights, the rules of the Convention of the Council of Europe for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data (Citizens Rights Directive Directive 2009/136/EC amendment of Directive 2002/22/EC and 2002/58/EC) and the upcoming EU data project regulations (General Data Protection Regulation) and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity of ALLEA and ESF of March 2011, for the protection of personal data.

The EMPOWER project will deal with ethical issues proactively, by testing its prototypes with adult volunteers who will be prompted and encouraged to consider the privacy issues prior to consenting to take part and use new technology in their real environments. All volunteers will be given the appropriate information about the level of risk and privacy violation.

EMPOWER is fully aware of the importance of privacy protection. Considering its obligations towards volunteers, EMPOWER will design its systems and Toolkit to take all reasonably possible measures to effectively ensure privacy protection during the trials and in data storage.