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Our approach is ‘human based’ including a mix of social science experiments and ‘Living Labs’. This involves micro-level studies with members of the public who will be offered new, technology based mobility solutions with a range of incentives. A series of ambitious large-scale, longer term, real-life implementations across Europe will follow. We will also be using a variety of mathematical models and developing a new, holistic evaluation approach.
EMPOWER aims to … Through…
Encourage travellers to choose alternative means of transport through personalised positive incentives and sustaining existing positive choices Designing, testing and collecting evidence on positive incentives, resulting in the development of attractive and effective “innovative mobility services”
Increase choices (and the awareness of choices) for transport for specific trips and reducing demand for transport through increased sharing and self-organisation, enabled by social media Designing, testing and collecting evidence on alternative strategies for self-organization through social network technologies
Improve understanding of the business models and organisational reform that create an inductive context for successful incentive schemes, and the factors affecting the propensity of different city-types to uptake the EMPOWER concept Designing, testing and evaluating business models for large scale and long term deployment in and beyond Europe.

Designing and carrying out an evaluation to assess the impacts of positive incentives, identifying the social groups impacted, potential cost reductions and benefit improvements

Large scale EMPOWER Living Labs with the travelling public will initially take place in four cities in 2016 (Gothenburg, Helsinki, Enschede and Manchester). To generate real impact we will then roll-out the EMPOWER approach in seven more take-up-cities/organisations. Other cities and organisations are following the progress of EMPOWER and working with us to make the outputs relevant (EMPOWER ‘Followers’).

Rewarding change using positive, tailored incentives delivered through devices and social media technologies is a different approach to more traditional transport schemes and policies. As a result it may be difficult to capture the range of impacts arising using established evaluation methodologies. In EMPOWER, a new evaluation method will be developed to capture the main impacts arising from each type of incentives scheme trialled in the eleven cities or communities.

The main five innovation outputs of the EMPOWER project will be:

  • new EMPOWER mobility services to provide innovative positive policy measures including empowering people by combining a top-down with a bottom-up approach
  • the EMPOWER Toolkit that not only supports industry, policy makers and employers to understand, help choose and implement positive policy interventions during this project but will also be launched to exist beyond the project and will be self-supporting
  • evidence of the impact of new positive incentives on behaviours related to conventionally fuelled vehicle use
  • new and improved organisational models for successful implementation of positive policy measures
  • innovation in the evaluation method for new mobility services, particularly in evaluating positive policy measures so that a wide range of impacts can be captured beyond those included in the traditional transport evaluation approach. Examples include impacts arising from individual behavioural responses or from participation in social media networks.